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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  September 14, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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>> you are watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high- definition. >> good afternoon everyone i am frank mallicoat >> i am michele griego, less than 30 minutes ago the bodies of four americans killed in libya arrived on american soil. president and vice president attended the ceremony along with the families. remains were brought to andrews air force base in maryland. steven screwed up in the bay area and went to cal. the president called the fallen american heroes who now entered another country. >> the fundamental american belief that we can leave this world a little better than before. that is who they work. and that is who we are. if we want to truly honor their
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memory, we must always be. >> these are live pictures from andrews air force base right now where officials are investigating whether the assault was a terrorist attack that took advantage of the protests in the arab world over anti muslim video. hillary clinton says the united states has nothing to do with that film, that however has not stopped anti-american protests from spreading across the muslim world. danielle nottingham has more now from washington. >> protesters hurled rocks at police and try to take control of the street leading to the u.s. embassy in cairo. egyptian security forces drove them back with tear gas and build a giant concrete wall to block the route to. protest over an american made film market is long continued to spread through the muslim world. in yemen, security forces fired warning shots and blasted the crowd was water. thousands marched in iraq and
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indonesia and through the streets of gaza, in egypt violence has flared four days before his promise to protect diplomatic facilities. especially after the attack on the american consulate in libya that killed a u.s. ambassador and three staff members. the remains of those four americans will ride back on american soil this afternoon. hillary clinton heads to andrews airforce base to receive them. the loss of the ambassador has been a very personal blow to clinton, it was her decision to station him in libya. >> i send chris itheir to inform our government about what we can do to bring freedom and democracy and opportunities to the people of libya. >> the fbi is investigating what happened there to determine whether terrorists hijacked a demonstration and turned it into a deadly attack.
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danielle nottingham, cbs 2's, the state department. >> danielle nottingham said that the bodies will return to the united states, we showed you live pictures of those bodies here. president obama holding on to a slim lead in his effort to hold onto his job, a new poll gives him a three-point edge over republican challenger mitt romney, 49 percent of likely voters say that they're going with the incumbent and 46 percent favored mitt romney and there's not much room, only 4% say they're still undecided. a live look at the big board, the market still riding a wave of enthusiasm over the fed's latest plan to patch of the economy, the dow is up 44 points, the upswing follows yesterday's 206. rally that sent the dow surging to a four year high. a record year for rider ship as bart is on track for big improvements. >> the transit agency mapped out a spending plan on $11 million in extra cash and ann mackovic
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explains that includes a declaration of war on pigeon droppings. >> that is good news for a lot of writers but not good news for these guys here behind me, this is actually the least amount of pigeons that we have seen here throughout the morning. this is not only a problem at the inner city stations but also a problem in a lot of the suburbs as well. so getting rid of pigeons is just one of many improvements that we will be seen on bart in the near future. in this age of tight budgets and service cuts, it is not very often that you hear of an agency with a surplus. >> we were so. when we did the budget last year that when we close the books there were $10 million in unspent funds. >> 10.8 to be exact because bart carried a record number of writers, 110 million. 366,000 riders per day, collecting 8 percent more in sales tax revenue than the year before.
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>> we were grateful to have the extra money that we could put towards things that passengers can really experience when they're on the trains. >> such as late-night bus service, installing air- conditioning and getting rid of carpet in the cars and plan on spending $1 million to get rid of these guys. >> that is gross, it really is. >> many writers are glad the pigeons might be flying the coop. >> i want them gone, i take part every weekend i hate it. >> one thing that we have found that is extremely effective is metal sheeting that covers every possible lead they could find a home in. >> some writers think it is unnecessary. >> spend $1 million to keep pigeons from flying around the stations, we live in san fransisco, there are a lot pigeon's. to me that is a waste of taxpayer dollars. >> pigeons are not the only vermin at the stations. this youtube video recorded at the civic center station shows a rat trying to run up an escalator headed in the down
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direction. when you are a passenger on board, that is all part of the ride. >> you just want to ride the train and get home and not worry about vermont. >> another part of the surplus, another $1 million that will be spend on a plan for bart to try and figure out how to deal with the growing cost of workers' compensation, something they say has been rising the past few years. live in san fransisco, cbs 5. >> thankyou. investigators in antioch are trying to figure out if an arsonist is behind three fires that broke out last night. two of those fires were at a strip mall on sycamore drive, reported around 10:30 p.m., crews put them out quickly but there was some damage to the building. >> a 360 degree view, they decided that this would be upgraded to a structure fire, it was an exterior fire on the southeast side of the building,
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it went to two alarms. the fire made some entry into the use of the fire has been put out. >> firefighters were called to a tree fire at antioch high school, investigators believe that all three fires are related. the guy who ceo brother pled guilty to beating his former pro friend, cate caugurian was at that hearing, the victim had a very famous lawyer on her side? >> that is right, a high-profile attorney gloria allred. we heard that they actually reached a plea agreement meaning that a plea bargain happened. originally he was facing three felony charges, facing us all, domestic violence, as well as false imprisonment. she left court moments ago, the stems from an incident that happened last year, extra from claimed that she was badly beaten, that mr. meyer pulled her hair out and sat on her and slammed her head into the
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ground. she and her attorney gloria allred were in court as meyer pled guilty to be false imprisonment charge. then he read aloud a victim impact statement recapping the night and talk about the months of abuse and she said that he threatened her life and mentioned how he would use his family's power against her. he is the younger brother of the ceo of yahoo, carissa meyer. she made a plea for her to help her brother. >> we hope that mr. meyers sister carissa will help him to fully aknowledge the reasons that he has been sentenced to domestic violence counseling, and help him to understand that he needs to be fully accountable for his criminal and torturous misconduct. >> this process has been a renewed victimization of me and i hope that by coming forward and going through this process, that is domestic violence counseling will deter him from this ever happening to anyone else. >> meyer and his attorney
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refused to make any comment and attempted to dodge caracaras. he was sentenced to three year'' probation, one day in jail with credit for time served. 24 hours of community service as well as domestic violence counseling. also ordered to return any " intimate photographs " and destroy any electronic copies. i asked her if she was satisfied with today's results and she told me that she is just happy it is all over. we are live in san fransisco, cbs 5. >> coming up, wall street's response to the must have gadget about to enter the market. >> what could be a medical breakthrough in europe? house themselves can help restore eyesight. >> but first, the party is almost over for on-line shopping fans in california. the new tax coming to a computer near you. >> from the cbs 5 weather center, we now have sunshine across the bay and we're looking ahead to the weekend death. i will,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> this is not a scene from a movie, you are looking at security video from an apple store in southern california, a 22 year-old drove into the store and his friends from out of the car and as you can see they start pocketing all the ipad and iphones there. when the driver tried to pull out security gates ruined his tyrus, a car was found a few blocks away, the driver was arrested when he came back hours later to fix the flat tire. >> he came back? >> p.e.t.a. tough day for the apple store, their stock hit a record high. >> this is all thanks to the new iphone, and went on sale at
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midnight and it has already sold out, the i 45 was introduced earlier this week, you have to get on a waiting list if you want one. if you are a fan of online shopping and you better check out before midnight. >> that is one amazon .com will start charging sales tax on california customers. patrick shows us that it might be worth it. >> i bought gifts for other people, the >> i bought textbooks. >> the buying will soon be over for internet shoppers at the stroke of midnight, amazon .com and other retail stores to start charging sales tax, a loophole that online consumers in california loved. it could bring california up to $100 million per year. >> when your losing that sales tax revenue, that means it affects your roads and the resources for local governments and the resources for education. >> at firsthey agreed to build o
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big distribution centers creating more than 1000 full- time jobs, including a location in paterson. one thing that amazon had a huge effect on was bookstores. a rarity these days. >> will people come back in? >> i don't really know, it is more a boom for the state in terms of them getting the tax they're supposed to be getting. >> will people actually come back to bookstores? >> i would like to believe that i do not necessarily now. a lot of people like to sit in front of their computers and buy things. >> the student says it will fetch her way of shopping. >> will you continue to use it? >> if i needed something right away, and that shipping is an extra incentive because i cannot buy it anywhere near me. >> and today's health watch, new hope for the blind >> royal outrage over topless photographs of kate middleton, a
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>> tonight one of the main runways at san fransisco international airport will
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shutdown meaning delays this weekend, it will close at 8:00 can remain that way until 8:00 monday morning, similar shutdowns plan for the next two weekends, the closures are necessary for crews to restore the stripped to its full length. if you run into fog and you'll have even more delays. >> today is friday, right? aren't we glad the weekend is here? >> absolutely because this weekend will be similar to what we have experienced for the past couple of days which means we have high as well into the 90s in the inland areas. good afternoon everyone, we're also glad it is the weekend because it is the last weekend of summer. this is the scene looking at the golden gate bridge where the clouds are lifting, you can see that they are above those powers standing just about a hundred feet high so that gives me the idea that the ceiling is about 1,000 ft. and because of that there are no longer any delays at sfo. we had up to one hour delays that is no longer the case. san fransisco 62, mid-70s in livermore. a bit of a breeze in concord out
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of the northwest at 14 but right here in dublin looking out towards danville and black hawk and mt. diablo, 75 degrees with slight winds out of the west at 7 m.p.h.. we will see the clouds increase again tonight as they roll back on shore and into the bay. and then tomorrow, you can bank on a repeat performance from what we are experiencing today. but tonight if you're heading to the ballpark, after a very successful 6/1 road trip, the a's are back home. overcast, make sure you dress in layers. the jet stream to the north of the bay area, high pressure continues to expand and as it does so it pushes months in moister east. clouds have been increasing offshore and will stay there for the most part for the remaining portion of the afternoon. it is a getaway friday and if you're headed to the center portion of the state, mid-90s. tonight tumbling into the '40's and '50's with tomorrow daytime highs 50s and 60s at the beaches and '60s and '70s across
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the peninsula, 90 in morgan hill with east bay number is up to 92, cooler than yesterday. north bay numbers stacking up with the '50s and '80s. the extended forecast, you get this all weekend. >> i like it, it looks good. >> and not to try either. >> thanks. today's health watch, could blindness be cured? a group of researchers and scholars hope that they have the answer. here's more on how stem cells could actually restore eyesight. >> this 50 year-old woman can only see saddle's with her left thigh. she was born with an eye condition. >> i can see greenery which i assume would be trees. and i also see what is probably rooftops. >> slowly she has been losing the rest of her sight because her eye has no way to control the light that comes through. that has damaged her cornea.
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>> i have never had normal vision and i can never imagine what it is like to have normal vision. >> now she's taking part in a first of its kind experiment where scientists try to restore her sight, doctors transplanted stem cells into her eye that they hope will protect your cornea and repair the damage. scientist at this laboratory isolate the cells from donors and then grow them into tissue. >> they do exactly what they do in life, they reproduce themselves, and they produced more mature cells, so they grow out with a surface. >> until now a full cornea transplant was the only treatment. >> it will be a major step forward for many hundreds and thousands of individuals. >> she has no regrets about having the experimental treatment. >> i am very excited that i have been given the opportunity. >> it will be months before doctors know if the procedure help her. >> it was just weeks after prince harry was caught on-
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camera naked, the palace is suing a french magazine that published topless photographs of his sister in law. the blurry images show kate middleton sunbathing on a private estate. the palace called it a grotesque invasion of privacy but the magazine insist that the couple was fair game since they were visible from a public road. former mayor willie brown took a similar view during a chat with their very own phil matier. >> she should be sensitive enough to the potential for her image being displayed all over the world and under all circumstances. >> the magazine claims they have " more intimate " shots that they say will not be published. >> it is a bird, it is an airplane, it is the next big deal in the bay area newsrooms.
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>> today's tip of the date is going to the artichokes. look at how beautiful they are for this time of the year. grate on the grill, a little all oil and salt and pepper. you cannot beat them, but you need to select and store them right or they will taste like would. let's talk about selection.
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nice color all around. a little bit of this coloration is ok, not too much. mixture the center leaves are nice and tight, squeeze them, if there squeaky, that means they're fresh. store them in the refrigerator right away. central coast artichokes' from california, the best. the ones without the needles, those are desert artichokes and those are not my favorite. they taste a little bit ... they don't have that sweet and nutty flavor like the central coast artichokes'. i am making stuffed artichokes tonight. i'm your fresh grocer, always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. >> only a handful of hours to get online deals without paying sales tax. >> we will show you how to get around those new taxes tomorrow starting at 5:00. the next big thing to hit newsrooms, is test driving @ cbs 5. the gadget has everyone whipping out there smart-phone s.
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straight out of star wars, the latest in tv camera technology. it comes complete with two high- definition cameras and can hover 200 ft. above the ground which means you will be seeing some altitude from live shot reporters. maybe a bald spot or two. they are only $300! >> we all heard,,
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